These postcards from Mexico and Southern Texas provide a window into early middle 20th century travel to the border region of the United States.

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'Highway Scene in Lower Rio Grande Valley, Southern Texas'
This postcard from the 1930s shows a black-and-white photograph of a highway lined with large palm trees. A caption printed at the bottom of the image indicates that the photograph was taken in southern Texas, in the lower Rio Grande…

&#039;Matador Engaging Bull&#039;<br /><br />
Colorful tinted image printed on linen-textured paper shows a bull and bullfighter facing off before stands of spectators. Transcription: Hello Ora, here I am in Juarez Mexico seeing lots of sights. Wish you were here. Love Ruthie

&#039;Plaza de Mercado, Market Square, Matamoros, Mexico&#039;
A tinted photograph of a public scene in a market plaza in Matamoros, Mexico. Roughly 20 figures stand in front of a covered marketplace in a plaza, next to a clock tower. Transcription: Dear mama and popa, guess you will be surprised to no I am in…

&#039;El General Franciso Villa&#039;
A painted or tinted photograph of seventeen men wearing sombreros, and multiple bandoliers strapped across their chests and waists. The front row of men hold rifles casually by the barrels. Front text: (top) El General Francisco Villa y su estado…

&#039;Ox Cart In Old Mexico&#039;
A painted or tinted photograph of two oxen pulling a small cart in front of a small house and a larger square building. Transcription: Sabbath morning (illegible) well how is all this (illegible) go it shure is nice here. We are fixing to go to S.C.…

&#039;Palm lined highway, Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas&#039;
A painted or tinted photograph of a scene of a black automobile driving on a highway past a row of large palm trees. Transcription: Hello folks, how are you getting along we have not heard from you yet. I am working. They have lots of work going on.…

&#039;Stately Palms, Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas&#039;
A painted or tinted photograph of an outdoor scene of a palm-lined, paved walkway across a well-manicured lawn. Transcription: Monday Oct 18. Well, we got your letter. Sorry you are blue. You will not need to answer this we will be home the last of…
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